Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Day Back to Work

Tuesday, October 11, 2011:  Today just about killed me.  I dragged myself out of bed after lying there for several minutes, dreading that I had to go to work.  Not only that, but also knowing that I had to leave Emily and Caroline at home alone.  My mind was racing, but my body was not moving.  I thought, "There is no reason for me to go to work!  I'm not going to do anything today but be distracted and think about Caroline."  Nonetheless, God gave me the strength to pull myself out of bed.  I even found enough strength to shave!!  I was moving pretty slow, but I was moving!  When I finally made it to work, I was almost an hour late.  But I was there.  That's progress.  I spent the majority of my day explaining to my coworkers,  bosses, and friends what had been going on.  It was a very emotional day, but what's new!?  Maybe tomorrow I can actually be productive at work.  One day at a time...

Emily also made some progress today.  She doesn't have a job outside of the home, so it's more difficult for her to find activities that afford her the opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis.  Regardless, she was able to muster enough energy to leave the house on her own and go grocery shopping.  She even bought me Swiss Cake Rolls!  Yay - chocolate!!!  I'm very proud of her.

I didn't want to interrupt her outing, so I did not call Emily on my way home from work.  I just wanted her to enjoy her time at the store...well, as much as one can enjoy buying groceries.  Meanwhile, I called my Nana and Papa.  They're great...I talked with them for a couple of hours.  They told me that they printed our original e-mail to our family and friends and shared it with their church.  We are on lots of prayer lists by now! 

Today was made possible by my family and friends.  I cannot thank y'all enough for loving us through this.
God is going to give us a miracle.  Either way.  Either He heals Caroline Grace and brings her into this world.  Or He heals us and brings us out of all the pain.  Please continue to pray.  Today was very difficult, but we made it.    

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